Here are some pictures from my wonderfully crappy Miranda Solo Panoramic plastic camera.

It is about as simple as they come – one shutter speed and one aperture. The lens is fairly wide, I would guess about 20mm (you can see some distortion in the pictures it makes) and inside about half the negative is masked off with a bit of plastic to give it the panoramic aspect ratio. One improvement would be to make this mask removable so you can choose whether to just have a wide angle 35mm or a ‘panoramic’ camera. There are quite a few very similar camera about and if you like the look then I would not get hung up on theMiranda Solo thing, just get any focus free 35mm panoramic film camera you can find from ebay.

Anyway I am a bit obsessed by this at the moment and take it with me pretty much everywhere I go. I love the format and I love that the only controls on it are the shutter button and the film advance, it really reduces photography to whats important which is just to put a frame around the world and show people what you see.

A Place to Smoke

I also love the grainy little negatives it produces and how they looked printed with the heavy black border. And I love the price – you can get them (or similar, wouldnt get hung up on the make) for about £2, less than the cost of the roll of film! Having said all that I would kill for an XPan!

Jog On

UPDATE: I now have a second panoramic camera that I bought with a few ideas for modifying it. I put a roll of expired film through it and it also takes nice pics:

ANOTHER UPDATE: here are some more I like from the second pan cam…



I have added yet more colour ones here.

[EDIT yet again] So I now also have a Practika CM1000 and have put one roll of film through it. This has a sharper lens, is autofocus and has 3 (yes 3!) shutter speeds so the exposures should be better. It only has a 28mm lens though so thats a slight downside. Anyway here are some images from the first film from this camera:

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  4. andy Says:

    Nice shots!!the camera’s seems the same or similar to the ANSCO PIX Panorama,same camera sold in the UK as Halina Panorama,seems to be a common thread great pics!!Theres a flicker group for the Ansco..

    Check this guys pic with the ansco amazing


  5. motleycollection Says:

    hey thanks Andy! YEah I think its probably very similar – I have see quite a few very similar cameras on ebay also.

    thanks for the link – I am at work right now but I will check it out properly when I have more time…I would love to have a proper panoramic camera like an xpan or something…

  6. andy Says:

    David where you find your miranda? Ive got a bid on one at ebay,but havent found any in the stores..There cool but not sure how long there last,so wanted to have a couple..Hopefully i will have some pics up soon!!

  7. andy Says:

    ps what film were you using on these shots? cheers aj

  8. motleycollection Says:

    Hi Andy,

    I dont think they are made anymore – I got mine in a job lot of about 6 old cameras a guy was selling all unlabeled on ebay. I bought them because there were a couple of nice looking old rangefinders as well as a couple of plastic unprescribed cameras. I actually owned it for about 6 months before I even bothered to try it because I had assumed it would be kind of poor. Then one of my contacts posted some great pics made by a similar camera and since then it has hardly been out of my bag!

    Personally I would not get too hung up on the brand, there are several similar cameras and I would be willing to bet they all produce similar results…in fact probably they were made in the same factories and then branded.

    Ebay is definitely the place to go unless you frequent charity shops a lot and are patient (im not!).

    Oh all my pictures were on Agfa PAN 400 APX – 7day shop had a good deal on it a while back so I have tons of it in the fridge! I would basically just go for any iso 400 negative film that you can get for cheapish. $00 just gives you a bit more exposure latitude which is important because you have no control over exposure with these things.

    Hope this helps!

  9. D. Wesley Davis Says:


    Saw you over on flickr…loved this little camera…had to check out your blog…great job!!

  10. andy Says:

    Hi David!! have you seen this little beauty!! Fuji Natura 24mm f1.9 ..

    Unfortunately discontinued,was only sold in Japan,theres a zoom model still available from new on ebay around £150


    I’ve got my eye out for the fixed lens model,but fast becoming a cult camera and prices are shooting up!!

  11. motleycollection Says:

    Hi Andy,

    yeah it looks pretty cool – not for 150quid though!!!


  12. andy Says:

    Hey sorry to keep bothering you..

    What do you think the effect would be of using that fast Natura film 1600 in the Miranda??The Fuji camera was produced to celebrate the launch of the film i think,so as to take shots at night without flash etc..

    How much light would you need if ur using 1600 film with the Miranda,a streetlight/lamp or the moon etc? Nighttime shots appeal to me, but simple just with the Miranda or Ansco etc..

    sorry for the questions

  13. andy Says:

    Hi just a short note,ive closed the miranda group,theres so many panoramic toy camer groups,its left u and the other posted as members though,so just leave or take it over if you wish..

    As a side note i ordered two anscos and a miranda and there exactly the same model,i didnt need all 3 so ive put the miranda on ebay if you want another one cheap..

  14. motleycollection Says:

    Hi Andy – sorry I missed your question – absoloutl;y no need to apologise btw, all welcome!

    I dont know what 1600 would be like – my guess is that as long as you use it when its not too bright it will come out okay. I am thinking it will be quite grainy with not too much detail … I am sure it would be kind of interesting! If you give it a try please send me a link so I can see the results…

    Film has a good exposure latitude so even if it is a little overexposed it wont be wrecked…

    I dont think I need another one but thanks for letting me know!


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  17. Matthew Hunter Says:

    expired film in a cheap camera – it’s a hilarious finger to the digital world and testament to clever eyes and hands

    (guy out of the Fast Show) Brilliaaaant!!

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  19. bennehboy Says:

    What’s the 2nd camera Dave?

  20. motleycollection Says:

    I am not sure what it is! There is no brand name, its just plain black and says ‘Panorama’ on the front in a cheesy font 🙂

    Actually they show up on ebay all the time, I think its the same as this one but cant be sure:

  21. Swiss James Says:

    Searched for “Miranda solo panorama” and found this.

    I bought one off the ‘bay a few weeks ago and just took it for a spin round Shanghai. Like you I’d love an X-Pan but am not paying what they’re worth, and like you I love the fact you don’t have to (/can’t) worry about exposure time, focus, aperture- or in fact anything but pressing the shutter.

    Anyway, here’s how the first roll turned out for me:

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  23. motleycollection Says:

    Swiss James – nice results, good to see there are other people ot there using these little gems!

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