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The seaside, the seaside!

January 6, 2009

Liz and I went for a bracing (in other words bloody freezing) walk on Gullane beach last week. Despite the temperature we saw both man and beast paddling in the water.

These were taken with a new panoramic camera I bought from Ebay – it is a Praktica CM1000 which is a slight step up from previous panoramic cameras in that it has a flash (which I havent been able to get to work yet) and also motorised winding. It also detects the film speed although I am not sure why because I think it only has two shutter speed / aperture combinations! Also you can switch between panoramic and normal modes which basically removes the mask. Anyway from what I can tell the lens is not as wide as the other panoramic cameras I have used so it gives a slightly different look. Also the lens seems a bit sharper to me…

Here are the pics as a slide show…

[Edit]: for the proper camera geeks such as myself here is the lowdown on this camera. Turns out it has 1/125 sec. ,1/60 sec. and 1/6 sec shutter speeds.


Indian Summer

September 25, 2008

Finally a sunny day in Edinburgh…


September 15, 2008

Here are some pictures from Liz and I’s trip to Arran this August. I liked some of the pictures I got from the trip but overall I was kind of disappointed in myself … lots of the pictures were just not as good as I wanted them to be. Also that the trip over on the ferry presented some amazing opportunities for photographs – out on deck there were a wealth of characters, there were a pack of jet skiers chasing the boat, there where some particularly bold seabirds chasing the ship and swooping down taking stuff from peoples hands. I took a whole roll of film and expected great things … but then discovered my camera had chewed up the film 😦

Also I am kicking myself about this picture (a repeat from my last post I know):

… this was the last in a roll of film and while I was changing it a girl on a horse galloped past leaving the family staring after it … it could have made a really great picture. Oh well maybe digital does have some merit…

Anyway here are some pictures…

Diversity Delivers Exhibition

September 2, 2008

Yesterday I had an exhibition of a few of my pictures (along with 2 other photographers). It was part of the Launch of Diversity Delivers which is an initiative by the Office of the Commissioner for Public Apointments in Scotland ( ) aimed at enhancing equal opportunities in Scotland’s ministerial public appointments process. The venue was the Scottish Storytelling Centre on the high street which I think is a rather cool building.

I chose ‘people’ pictures where possible, mostly my attempts at street photography. I thought it went pretty well and was impressed by the other 2 photographers work.

Here are the pictures I had on show …. ( and here as a slideshow )

Birthday Beachness (…the digital revolution reaches Dave)

June 20, 2008

Yesterday in the morning I regretfully flew back from a trip to America. The first part was on business but then I was visiting my girlfriend Liz in New York. While away I shot quite a lot of film (watch this space …) and have to get it all processed and go through the chore of scanning it all. So when I went down to North Berwick yesterday evening to have Fish and Chips on the beach for 2 friends birthdays I couldn’t face adding to the film backlog. So I took my digital camera out for the first time in ages … its the first time I have used it this year I think!

I love film but I must admit that I really enjoyed the instant feedback you get from a digital camera and tried a lot of things I might have been much more reluctant to try with a film camera in the knowledge I could try as many times as I liked and it didn’t matter if nothing came of it. Pretty obvious really but I suppose I had forgotten the good bits of digital a little bit. Anyway I like some of the pictures I took but I just wish they didn’t look so, well, digital! Also the lack of exposure latitude really annoys me sometimes even although it is good for making silhouette type pictures. The whole set is here on flickr.

Anyway here are some pictures, happy birthday Eireann and Bruce!

[Edit:] I went back down to North Berwick with Alex and Nivine and took my digital camera again so I thought I would add some more pictures to this post …

I do like to be beside the seaside…

April 4, 2008

Every time I hear that song I think of the time my Dad shattered the silence in a big posh hotel in Cyprus by playing it with gusto on the big white grand piano in the austere reception area 🙂

Anyway these were all taken on Easter weekend on a trip down the coast with Rob. We didn’t stay too long cos it was freezing. Also I somehow lost my panoramic camera when we were there which is a pain. I have another and it only cost me 2 quid in the first place so its no big deal really but I do miss it!