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Getaway to the Rockaways

June 27, 2008

As soon as I heard the name and saw where it was on the map I knew I had to go and see the Rockaways (especially the Far Rockaways which sounds like Outer Mongolia or something). It is a part of Queens but definitely feels like a town apart. And the Ramones wrote a song about it …

Anyway we had tons of fun there. One thing that happened is that Liz overhead two beach bum type girls in front of us having a conversation about Sleepys (a mattress / bed company for non-american readers). One of them said ‘…so I went into Sleepys the other day….apparently you are not allowed to sleep in there’ which was very amusing especially because they seemed to be erm, a bit under the influence.

Anyway the Rockaways are cool but not as cool as Coney. But then where is?


Sun, photography & chips

May 27, 2008

On Sunday I went to portobello to take some pictures and clear my head. You can’t beat the beach on a windy day for blowing out the cobwebs.

I hung about taking pictures with my old Agfa Silete and my Leica. The Silette is a 50’s rangefinder which I haven’t used much and got for less than a fiver. I think its the one titled 45mm f2.8 Agfa Color-Apotar on this page. The colour ones are from the Silete – it really can take some great pics and is kind of cool for street photography on a bright day because you can just set it to f22, set the focus dial so everything is on focus and it becomes incredibly easy to use. Its actually has a pretty bright rangefinder patch too. Note to self – use this camera more!

I also had chips from this chippy, one of the funniest pictures on flickr I think.

this one is much better large I think

There be Dragons (in the back garden)

April 11, 2008

These were taken playing in the back garden of my parents house with assorted Nieces an Nephews.

Zoe got into a proper panic about dragons for some reason … I was not sure whether she was pretending that Holly was a dragon or if it was an imaginary dragon but she was running about as fast as she could screaming about dragons.

… shortly after these were taken I became the dragon…then she had something to be scared of!

In the meantime Iver decided to drag his little car thing about the place…

I do like to be beside the seaside…

April 4, 2008

Every time I hear that song I think of the time my Dad shattered the silence in a big posh hotel in Cyprus by playing it with gusto on the big white grand piano in the austere reception area 🙂

Anyway these were all taken on Easter weekend on a trip down the coast with Rob. We didn’t stay too long cos it was freezing. Also I somehow lost my panoramic camera when we were there which is a pain. I have another and it only cost me 2 quid in the first place so its no big deal really but I do miss it!