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More from the seaside…

January 22, 2009

More pics from Liz and I’s walk along Gullane beach, these ones come from my old Rolleiflex Automat. Its an ugly beat up old thing but continues to make nice pictures.


Indian Summer

September 25, 2008

Finally a sunny day in Edinburgh…


September 15, 2008

Here are some pictures from Liz and I’s trip to Arran this August. I liked some of the pictures I got from the trip but overall I was kind of disappointed in myself … lots of the pictures were just not as good as I wanted them to be. Also that the trip over on the ferry presented some amazing opportunities for photographs – out on deck there were a wealth of characters, there were a pack of jet skiers chasing the boat, there where some particularly bold seabirds chasing the ship and swooping down taking stuff from peoples hands. I took a whole roll of film and expected great things … but then discovered my camera had chewed up the film 😦

Also I am kicking myself about this picture (a repeat from my last post I know):

… this was the last in a roll of film and while I was changing it a girl on a horse galloped past leaving the family staring after it … it could have made a really great picture. Oh well maybe digital does have some merit…

Anyway here are some pictures…

Diversity Delivers Exhibition

September 2, 2008

Yesterday I had an exhibition of a few of my pictures (along with 2 other photographers). It was part of the Launch of Diversity Delivers which is an initiative by the Office of the Commissioner for Public Apointments in Scotland ( ) aimed at enhancing equal opportunities in Scotland’s ministerial public appointments process. The venue was the Scottish Storytelling Centre on the high street which I think is a rather cool building.

I chose ‘people’ pictures where possible, mostly my attempts at street photography. I thought it went pretty well and was impressed by the other 2 photographers work.

Here are the pictures I had on show …. ( and here as a slideshow )

Happy New Year

January 7, 2008

This Hogmanay my friend Liz was visiting from New York and a group of us spent a few days staying in a youth hostel on Bernary in the Outer Hebrides. Its a stunning place and I ended up using a lot of film which I will be processing for a few weeks I think. The full set is here on flickr and I will be adding to it as I process the films.

In the meantime here are a few holiday pics. This is the beach directly outside the hostel. We saw seals swimming right here but I didn’t have a lens longer that 50mm so didn’t try and photograph them.

The view from the hostel one morning. The hostel is a converted crofters house – basic but has everything you might need.

Liz on a beach in North Uist – she is in good spirits despite the fact that about 120 minutes before this she fell on her bum in a quagmire of mud.

Yum, seabirds!


Claire being all ghostly in the dunes.

The view from a dirty window on the way home…

Clair dishing out the gossip ojn the way home.

Film Swap (part I) – Edinburgh vs São Paulo

October 29, 2007

A while ago Karla (from holgarithms) got in touch with me and suggested a film swap. At the time I didn’t know what she meant but she soon explained and I thought it was a great idea. For those who dont know what this is, one person shoots a roll of film and then rewinds it and sends it to the other. They shoot over the top of the other persons film and then develop it and see what lady luck has given them.

I think we did pretty well (or got pretty lucky…). It is pretty amazing to think that the photographs were taken half the world away (Karla lives in São Paulo) from each other and traveled all that way and even survived the postal strike!

The whole set is here. Karlas blog is here and her flickr stream is here.

There is more to come, Karla also shot a half frame roll by masking off one side of the frame with cardboard. When I get a chance (hopefully next weekend) I will mask off the other side and ahoot away! I am looking forward to seeing what we got. Details on how Karla did this here.

More family snaps from Oban

October 23, 2007

Here are some more family pictures from our trip to Oban. These are all from a roll I shot with my leica m7.

Charlie on the brink of teenagerhood…

Iver in motion:

Zoe doing some speed drinking:

Zoe in a thoughtful moment…

Robert playing peek-a-boo with his granny:

Robert being a mummies boy…

… the only one missing is Holly who was avoiding my camera as usual.

Lochs & Light

October 10, 2007

I have had the chance to do a bit of landscape photography over the last month or so – first on a trip up north with my friend Rob and then last weekend on a trip to Oban with my family.

Anyway, this is the dock side on Loch Awe next to the world famous tea train. Well okay maybe not world famous but it is a Tea Train. A stationary train that serves tea, why has no one thought of it before? They also have a completely knackered old bench sitting outside that is covered is moss and just generally a bit manky. The sign says ‘this bench is for use be customers of the tea train only’. Only is bold and underlined if I remember rightly.

Loch Awe

And this is Ben Lomond taken from the bonny bonny banks of Loch Lomond.

Both shot with my Bronica s2a on velvia.

Farewell to the Edinburgh Festival

August 31, 2007

Bye-bye street performers, bye-bye late night opening hours, bye-bye Speigel tent, bye-bye media types, bye-bye half the population of Edinburgh. And bye bye summer too. See ya…

The Edinburgh Festival is a wonderful thing that transforms Edinburgh into a large and very vibrant place for one month of the year. But as much as I love it its kind of cool when things go back to normal…

Down in the woods

August 31, 2007

This was taken last Spring when I had just bought my Bronica s2a. Starting this blog has made me want to get out more with this camera because I have been looking through my pictures looking for things to post and so many of them are either from the Bronica or my Rolleiflex both of which I dont use nearly enough. Its also made me want to use more colour negative film…right, have to make time to get out and take some colour bronica pics this weekend!