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More from the seaside…

January 22, 2009

More pics from Liz and I’s walk along Gullane beach, these ones come from my old Rolleiflex Automat. Its an ugly beat up old thing but continues to make nice pictures.


Feet, Hands, Ears and a restless Puppy

January 21, 2008

Some more Christmas piccs, these ones from my Rolleiflex shot on ilford 3200 film.



Puppy Run

Some Christmas Piccies

January 19, 2008

Some Christmas pics tasken with my Leica….


Rollei on the streets

December 4, 2007

From my first attempt at doing Street photography in Edinburgh. I sort of like some of them but I am just learning. I think the Rollei is good as far as being discreet goes but framing pictures of moving people with it is a bit tricky really. Also I was guessing the exposures so I think they came out ok.

A couple of Morningside Ladies. I cant remember who said it but some comedian said something along the lines of ‘to these people Sex is what the coal is delivered in’.

Morningside Ladies

Travles with my Rolleiflex

November 29, 2007

Since my Bronica died (well at least she is very sick) I have been using my Rolleiflex more. I have discovered that it is a much more practical camera for taking out and about than the bronica – its also great for people not twigging that you are taking pictures because you never ever have to raise it to eye level. I shall have to try my hand at some street photography.

Guess where

August 30, 2007

This is from my Rolleiflex Automat. It really is a mess, the leatherette is falling off and the metal underneath is a bit rusty and I dont have a lencap for it and I have a tatty old canon strap on it.

As much as I would like one in better condition in a way I find it liberating that it isnt in mint condition – I have very few qualms about sticking it in my rucksack when I go out. Its also the camera that has provoked most conversation with strangers – either people wondering what it is or on one really nice occasion a pensioner stopping to reminisce about when he got one when he was a young man and how much he loved it…he really did get misty eyed about it. I couldnt say for sure but I dont think that the current crop of DSLRs will ever provoke that kind of reaction.


August 26, 2007

Showery day in Amsterdam. I think this is my favourite picture I took in Amseterdam. Its taken with my seen better days Rolleiflex Automat which is a 1940s camera that is a joy to use.