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July 30, 2009

Liz and I spent a nostalgic (for me – not for her!) afternoon at Mudeford Beach in Dorset when we were on holiday. My family used to stay in a holiday camp near there when we went on our summer holidays. We would rent a beachhut in Mudeford and spent a lot of time down there…anyway here are some pics I took when we were there. As usual here is a slideshow with a few extra pictures….


More from the seaside…

January 22, 2009

More pics from Liz and I’s walk along Gullane beach, these ones come from my old Rolleiflex Automat. Its an ugly beat up old thing but continues to make nice pictures.

Indian Summer

September 25, 2008

Finally a sunny day in Edinburgh…

Sun, photography & chips

May 27, 2008

On Sunday I went to portobello to take some pictures and clear my head. You can’t beat the beach on a windy day for blowing out the cobwebs.

I hung about taking pictures with my old Agfa Silete and my Leica. The Silette is a 50’s rangefinder which I haven’t used much and got for less than a fiver. I think its the one titled 45mm f2.8 Agfa Color-Apotar on this page. The colour ones are from the Silete – it really can take some great pics and is kind of cool for street photography on a bright day because you can just set it to f22, set the focus dial so everything is on focus and it becomes incredibly easy to use. Its actually has a pretty bright rangefinder patch too. Note to self – use this camera more!

I also had chips from this chippy, one of the funniest pictures on flickr I think.

this one is much better large I think

Early Summer

May 8, 2008

We are having great weather for a change. I took these on a walk with Rob near his and Claire’s new place in East Lothian….

Bronica returns…

February 1, 2008

I finally have my Bronica back in working action, hopefully for good this time. To test it out I got my friend Alex to sit for some portraits (and he took one of me too). We didnt think it out much but I like the results we got even although it was kind of crap lighting conditions and so I used 3200 film.

I would love to do more portraits so if anyone I know in real life would like to sit for me then there is tea/cake and/or beer in it for you, plus I could make prints of any that you like…

Anyway here are a few we took the other night

Feet, Hands, Ears and a restless Puppy

January 21, 2008

Some more Christmas piccs, these ones from my Rolleiflex shot on ilford 3200 film.



Puppy Run

Some Christmas Piccies

January 19, 2008

Some Christmas pics tasken with my Leica….


Rollei on the streets

December 4, 2007

From my first attempt at doing Street photography in Edinburgh. I sort of like some of them but I am just learning. I think the Rollei is good as far as being discreet goes but framing pictures of moving people with it is a bit tricky really. Also I was guessing the exposures so I think they came out ok.

A couple of Morningside Ladies. I cant remember who said it but some comedian said something along the lines of ‘to these people Sex is what the coal is delivered in’.

Morningside Ladies

Travles with my Rolleiflex

November 29, 2007

Since my Bronica died (well at least she is very sick) I have been using my Rolleiflex more. I have discovered that it is a much more practical camera for taking out and about than the bronica – its also great for people not twigging that you are taking pictures because you never ever have to raise it to eye level. I shall have to try my hand at some street photography.