I am using this blog as a way of presenting series of images / mini photography projects. I find Flickr sets quite limiting so this is one way round that.

I have also started a separate blog as a place to highlight individual images, it is here

If you are interested my flickr stream is here.

16 Responses to “About”

  1. lex Says:

    Good to see you have a photoblog set up dave!

  2. motleycollection Says:

    thankee lex!

  3. andy Says:

    Hi David i decided to open a flicker group about the miranda,would love to have ur pictures on there and you join !!


  4. motleycollection Says:

    ah great I will joing that for sure!

  5. adoymandaya Says:


    we may be kindred spirits. sometimes it seems as though i need to write out a roster for my film cameras so that none will feel neglected. these days my personal circumstances limit my outings so i just whip out the basic digital and shoot a few things usually around the house. but film cameras hold magic for me, the way that light and the lens work together on the film to capture an image and you have that on film, archived on that strip.

  6. motleycollection Says:


    yes I know what you mean! I even feel a bit guilty that I have a few cameras I have only put one film through!

    I agree that film has a certain intangible appeal – there is just something about both the cameras and the pictures they take, even very cheap cameras. I also like that film makes each picture count and I think that can make you a better photographer because you are more likely to think about whether it is worth pressing the shutter button.

    Its a shame your outings are limited, I hope that you can occasionally get out with your camera now and again soon! Thankyou for stopping by, I appreciate your thoughtful comments.

  7. bibomedia.com Says:


  8. Karen Robertson Says:

    Hi Dave,
    Karen here (Dan’s friend) – didn’t know how to email you from your Flickr site, so clicked on your blog! The wedding photos (and I had a look at some of your other ones too) are amazing; really beautiful – would be lovely to see them all if that’s possible? See you soon,

  9. motleycollection Says:

    Hey Karen, thanks! I have mailed you a link to the whole set Dave

  10. Corryne MacLean Says:

    Hi Dave

    Found your photos through choose-film.com, they look great.
    Would you be interested in exhibiting some of your pictures at an event we are holding in Edinburgh in September?

    If so, could you email me and I’ll send you the details. Thanks,

  11. motleycollection Says:


    thanks for the compliment šŸ™‚

    I will email you …


  12. bigreddoor Says:


    you have some images on flicker from the festival shows at the big red door, home of tepooka.

    I was wondering if you would lend us them so that we might make posters out of them.



  13. bigreddoor Says:

    wurd, thanks dude


  14. Eugenio Says:

    Dear Sir, my name is Eugenio Carretti, an an Italian photographer.
    I have a cooperation with an Italian non commercial photo site, made from some photo entusiast people, photo.tevac.com; in this site I write some to present photographer works I like.

    I am fascinated about your pictures and my question is if we may have some pictures you will like to choice for us and some writing about your work to publish on our site.

    Thank You in advance for every answer You will reply to this e-mail.
    Best Regards

    Eugenio Carretti

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