Stockbridge Voice

My family photographs are the subject of an article in The Stockbridge Voice. The Stockbridge Voice is a new Edinburgh based online magazine.

There are also features from 2 other Edinburgh photographers, the first featuring the amazing street portraits of Gustaf Eriksson and the second the chemical wizardry of Katie Cooke.

The magazine is currently seeking contributors:

“Are you a writer, poet, illustrator, cartoonist or photographer? Would you like to join us at the Stockbridge Voice? We’re actively seeking material on all kinds of topics – the choice is yours. Everything from serious minded to light hearted. If you have something to share, something to say, why not do it here? Geographically, we’re in Edinburgh and contributions should ideally be from those living or working in Scotland.

It goes without saying that nothing of a defamatory nature will be accepted by the Stockbridge Voice. The editor has the final word and wields a mean red pen. Oh, and I’m afraid there’s no money in it – we’re doing this for the love of words and images.

Send your contribution to We look forward to hearing from you.”


3 Responses to “Stockbridge Voice”

  1. adam Says:


    Well done! I was so interested and pleased to read the article in the Stockbridge Voice and to see that small and very fine collection of your pictures. They are very very good. You seem to have a knack for capturing the essence of things. That’s what the images say to me anyway.

    You have come to photography in a weird way, quite the opposite to most people, including me. I started more than 50 years ago, developing b/w films in a cupboard under the stairs in Morningside. I also used to walk the hills, but left Scotland in 1960 and have never been back.

    I am going to tag the Stockbridge Voice, it’ll give me a taste of “home” – once a Scot always a Scot, although I have been a neutralised sorry naturalised Australian for 28 years.

    All the best

  2. motleycollection Says:

    Hi Adam,

    Thanks 🙂

    Yes I have come to photography quite late in life, and also progressed from digital onto film which I know is not the normal route! Where did you stay in Morningside? I only ask because that where I live now – on Morningside Road.

    Do look at the other articles too – both of them are talented photographers and nice people to boot…and both fellow flickr users.


  3. alvason Says:

    Dave, we stayed in Cluny Place, at the end of Cluny Ave. This was 1948-1960. My brothers and I trudged to and from Watsons every day. Then they shot through to be in the Navy, I went to the University, mostly at Kings Buildings I think it was called. Did a degree in civil engineering.

    I will check out the others too, for sure.


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