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Maid of the mist (or Preparing for the Feared Banana Cream Pie Wars)

October 28, 2008

Here are some pictures from a film I shot with my toy panoramic camera on Liz and I’s recent trip to Niagara falls. I think these look best as a slideshow (there are also some extra pictures here)

The center of Niagara is tacky beyond belief – the automated voices that blare out incitements to come and see a wax work of the world tallest man etc. were a first for me. The falls themselves did not disappoint though and the Maid of the Mist boat trip really is a lot of fun.

I shot 2 rolls of film on the short boat ride – this one and what thought was a roll of tri-x pushed to 1600 with a deep red filter on it. Unfortunately I had actually loaded that camera with portra so the results are terrible – 2 stops under exposed and red coloured! Oh well at least I am pleased with the toy camera pics.

Actually one of these pics got a comment that really tickled me, hence the title of this post 🙂

New York Digital

October 24, 2008

As I have mentioned before I am trying to use my digital camera more for financial reasons. One thing I enjoyed while using it in New York is being able to play with slightly more unusual exposures (for example trying to go for deep black shadows). Shadows are a novelty for me – the light in Scotland is often not strong enough to cast strong shadows because it is overcast so much of the time.

Anyway I still love film but maybe I can find room in my heart for my neglected digital SLR again 😉

New York in Widescreen Technicolor

October 21, 2008

I stuck some nice Portra film in my panoramic camera for a change (previous to this I have only used either black and white or very cheap expired colour film). I really like the results – the colours have a kind of vintage feel to them that I like very much.

These look pretty good as a slideshow in my opinion. The slideshow actually contains quite a few more of these….