Getaway to the Rockaways

As soon as I heard the name and saw where it was on the map I knew I had to go and see the Rockaways (especially the Far Rockaways which sounds like Outer Mongolia or something). It is a part of Queens but definitely feels like a town apart. And the Ramones wrote a song about it …

Anyway we had tons of fun there. One thing that happened is that Liz overhead two beach bum type girls in front of us having a conversation about Sleepys (a mattress / bed company for non-american readers). One of them said ‘…so I went into Sleepys the other day….apparently you are not allowed to sleep in there’ which was very amusing especially because they seemed to be erm, a bit under the influence.

Anyway the Rockaways are cool but not as cool as Coney. But then where is?


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One Response to “Getaway to the Rockaways”

  1. stalherz Says:

    Nice. Usually that’s just a name on the train for me. Those people make it real.

    And by the way, I’ve been to Mongolia.

    Keep snapping!!!


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