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Getaway to the Rockaways

June 27, 2008

As soon as I heard the name and saw where it was on the map I knew I had to go and see the Rockaways (especially the Far Rockaways which sounds like Outer Mongolia or something). It is a part of Queens but definitely feels like a town apart. And the Ramones wrote a song about it …

Anyway we had tons of fun there. One thing that happened is that Liz overhead two beach bum type girls in front of us having a conversation about Sleepys (a mattress / bed company for non-american readers). One of them said ‘…so I went into Sleepys the other day….apparently you are not allowed to sleep in there’ which was very amusing especially because they seemed to be erm, a bit under the influence.

Anyway the Rockaways are cool but not as cool as Coney. But then where is?



June 25, 2008

During my recent trip to New York Liz took me out to the Flushing area of Queens. It was pretty cool – the China town there is really lively and the nearby park is great. The park was the site of the 1964/65 world fair and so it has things like the Unisphere and assorted other strange and cool 1960s futurist buildings.

The Unisphere is a 12 story high globe. When it was first built the bottom was a fountain designed to hide the base and make it look like it was sort of floating. I would like to see this but I prefer how it is now because its a cool place for kids and skateboarders to play in.

You might recognise this from Men in Black where it turns out to be a spaceship.

This is the Terrace on the Park which is no a banqueting hall / function room. It was also built for the World Fair – as a heliport! How cool is this building? An optimistic 1960s vision of the near future where we would all fly about and heliports would be part of everyday life. I think its spectacularly tacky and wonderful at the same time. We tried to see if there was a public bar there but they wouldn’t let us inside 😦

The glamour of international business travel

June 21, 2008

When I travel to the head office of the company I work for I always stay in a motel in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. It is a wholly unremarkable small town and I pretty much only sleep there but here are some pictures I took in grabbed moments between working. Slideshow is here…


My motel.


The park behind the hotel.

The local nuclear power station.

Birthday Beachness (…the digital revolution reaches Dave)

June 20, 2008

Yesterday in the morning I regretfully flew back from a trip to America. The first part was on business but then I was visiting my girlfriend Liz in New York. While away I shot quite a lot of film (watch this space …) and have to get it all processed and go through the chore of scanning it all. So when I went down to North Berwick yesterday evening to have Fish and Chips on the beach for 2 friends birthdays I couldn’t face adding to the film backlog. So I took my digital camera out for the first time in ages … its the first time I have used it this year I think!

I love film but I must admit that I really enjoyed the instant feedback you get from a digital camera and tried a lot of things I might have been much more reluctant to try with a film camera in the knowledge I could try as many times as I liked and it didn’t matter if nothing came of it. Pretty obvious really but I suppose I had forgotten the good bits of digital a little bit. Anyway I like some of the pictures I took but I just wish they didn’t look so, well, digital! Also the lack of exposure latitude really annoys me sometimes even although it is good for making silhouette type pictures. The whole set is here on flickr.

Anyway here are some pictures, happy birthday Eireann and Bruce!

[Edit:] I went back down to North Berwick with Alex and Nivine and took my digital camera again so I thought I would add some more pictures to this post …