Coney Island

When I was in New York Liz and I went down to Coney Island the week after passover. It was lovely weather and chock full of Hasidim. I love Coney Island beyond reason and think its really sad that this may be the last year before the corporations move in and ruin it.

Anway here is our visit in slideshow form …

… and here are some of the better pictures.

oh and here is the trailer to my favourite film featuring Coney Island … The Warriors gotta love this film!


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6 Responses to “Coney Island”

  1. Gustaf Says:

    I really like this series. And yes, I’m reading your blog.

  2. stalherz Says:

    Great pictures. Keep snapping. Would you mind if I linked this and put it on my blog roll. Please let me know.


  3. motleycollection Says:

    Thanks Gustaf 🙂 good to know you are reading it….I am really trying to move towards taking sets rather than individual pictures.

    Stalherz – thanks thats very kind of you. you are more than welcome to link to my blog 🙂

  4. adam.varga Says:

    great stuff – I got my memories from a videoclip about the place, I don’t know who sing the song, but it was something about “god is great, god is god” 😀
    i realy love the one with the jew man’s hat.
    well done pal

  5. straightouttapurgatory Says:

    I love every picture on this post. I actually saw The Warriors for the first time this past week, and of course the first thing I saw was the “Wonder Wheel.”

  6. motleycollection Says:

    thanks guys.

    The Warriors rocks – I love all the slightly camp gangs and the sort of vaguely knights of old language they use sometimes. I was in Coney again last weekend actually so maybe I will ad some more pictures to this post when I finally get round to scanning in al my new pictures.

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