Camera: £1.99 + postage

Film: 7p

Processing: £1.50

Crappy panovision: priceless! 😉

This is the first colour film I have put through my fake panoramic camera and I was pleasantly surpirsed with the results. The film is expired Jessops own film that a friend and I bought from ebay. It was 4.52 for about 60 rolls of film. I also got the processing done at the supermarket. When I use nice film I tend to take it to a pro-lab but I think I may try getting the supermarket to do it from now on because I think its just the scanning that isnt very good there.

Jog On


One Response to “Cheapskate”

  1. H.O Says:

    Hi there,
    I using always expired film and I enjoy 🙂
    I really like these pictures nice capture like a movie scene.

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