Bronica returns…

I finally have my Bronica back in working action, hopefully for good this time. To test it out I got my friend Alex to sit for some portraits (and he took one of me too). We didnt think it out much but I like the results we got even although it was kind of crap lighting conditions and so I used 3200 film.

I would love to do more portraits so if anyone I know in real life would like to sit for me then there is tea/cake and/or beer in it for you, plus I could make prints of any that you like…

Anyway here are a few we took the other night


One Response to “Bronica returns…”

  1. shutterbebe Says:

    Nice lighting anyway. I like the first photo the best. Then #3 the one with the glasses. Glad you got the Bronica fixed. It’d be a shame never to give it a spin now and then.

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