Happy New Year

This Hogmanay my friend Liz was visiting from New York and a group of us spent a few days staying in a youth hostel on Bernary in the Outer Hebrides. Its a stunning place and I ended up using a lot of film which I will be processing for a few weeks I think. The full set is here on flickr and I will be adding to it as I process the films.

In the meantime here are a few holiday pics. This is the beach directly outside the hostel. We saw seals swimming right here but I didn’t have a lens longer that 50mm so didn’t try and photograph them.

The view from the hostel one morning. The hostel is a converted crofters house – basic but has everything you might need.

Liz on a beach in North Uist – she is in good spirits despite the fact that about 120 minutes before this she fell on her bum in a quagmire of mud.

Yum, seabirds!


Claire being all ghostly in the dunes.

The view from a dirty window on the way home…

Clair dishing out the gossip ojn the way home.


2 Responses to “Happy New Year”

  1. Paul McSherry Says:

    Damn you Sinclair.. I’m going to have to go up and take a look at this place before I take off… Looks lovely and wild

  2. motleycollection Says:

    Its a really amazing place – very remote and wild. The West beach is the best beach I have ever seen I think – 4 miles long, towering dunes, crashing waves, sand like snow and not a single other soul on it!

    Just make sure you have plenty of spare on your memory card! I shot about 10 rolls of film in 4 days and that was me holding myself back so I didnt run out 🙂

    The drive up Skye is pretty amazing too. We were in a hurry to get there and back but I would have stopped a dozen times to take pictures if we had the time…

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