Rollei on the streets

From my first attempt at doing Street photography in Edinburgh. I sort of like some of them but I am just learning. I think the Rollei is good as far as being discreet goes but framing pictures of moving people with it is a bit tricky really. Also I was guessing the exposures so I think they came out ok.

A couple of Morningside Ladies. I cant remember who said it but some comedian said something along the lines of ‘to these people Sex is what the coal is delivered in’.

Morningside Ladies


2 Responses to “Rollei on the streets”

  1. Magnus Says:

    I’ve been dabbling in street photography lately with a TLR, as well. Mine is a Mamiya, though, not a Rollei, but overall the same type of system. Have you noticed that people on the street feel less threatened by a TLR with waist level finder than they are around a conventional SLR?

  2. motleycollection Says:

    Hi Magnus,

    Yes it certainly has advantages … I think some people just dont know you are taking a apicture and others are disarmed and curious that you are using some strange old camera.

    On the other hand I do think TLRs have disadvantages – the left-right reversal in the viewfinder is frustrating for photographing anything moving. Also sometimes I think that the square format is more suited to contemplative imagery rather than dynamic images. Its hard to express why but I just feel that the square suits more balanced compositions that are not necessarily best for dynamism….

    Thanks for you comment,


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