Friends volume I

I dont have anything new to post so here are some pictures of my friends that I like for various reasons.

Anna showing me the money in Kota Kinabalu. I think she must have just won something because this looks like her victory face. This one always makes me smile because it is extremely Anna.

Sharon being low key in Hendriks. Quite chuffed with this one because its not posed, she was just sitting next to me in the pub. Also the strange glitteryness on her eyebrow looks cool.

Another low key one from Hendricks, Tommy looking all film noirish. Except in colour. I like this one for a similar reasons to the previous one, it looks quite posed but it isnt at all, he was just leaning forward to talk to someone.

Eireann and Sharon also looking quite film Noirish at the Edinburgh festival. I think its kind of a story telling image….

Justin in a Cofee shop in Amsterdam. I really like the mixture of clarity and strangeness in this. Must use the Rolleiflex more because the pictures are great when you nail them.

A couple of Gangsters. I always think Tommy looks like he should be saying ‘Ye Boss you tell em’ 🙂

Ewan and Anna doing their 1950s Filmstars

Alex in the ruins of Fat sams. Another one that looks posed but isnt.

Lindsay having a fag in a beautific manner outside Firefly….I like this one partly because of the expression on Lindsays face and partly because of the shadowing going on with the two arms which I think lends a comic touch to it.


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