Passing in the night

It didnt occur to me for some reason when I first go my leica m7 but one of the strengths of a rangefinder is that unlike an SLR when you press the shutter button you can still see what you are taking a picture of.

Its not a huge advantage but it does mean that tracking shots like these become a bit easier.  The idea is to have a slowish shutter speed (I think these were about a second each) and follow the object as it moves to keep in the same part of the frame.  This is tricky with an SLR because for the whole second you are blind so you just have to guess.   But with a rangefinder you can just continue to ‘aim’ during the second or so when the shutter is open which makes things a lot easier.

I have tried this type of thing before with my digital slr and the hit rate is not high.  I only tried about 5 of these and they all sort of worked – not perfectly but I sort of like the effect it gives when you dont get them perfect! I must try more sometime…and also try it with people instead of cars.


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