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Travles with my Rolleiflex

November 29, 2007

Since my Bronica died (well at least she is very sick) I have been using my Rolleiflex more. I have discovered that it is a much more practical camera for taking out and about than the bronica – its also great for people not twigging that you are taking pictures because you never ever have to raise it to eye level. I shall have to try my hand at some street photography.

Zoe is now three

November 26, 2007

My niece Zoe turned Three last week. She got a sort of modern etch a sketch thing from me which seemed to be a hit…

She also got her first big girl bike which was an even bigger hit. She can steer really well but hasnt quite got the hang of peddaling yet, its much better to get your dad or your uncle to push you about. The bell she can work well and the little satchel thing has room for about 10 finger puppet animals. There is even room for the monkey which is very cheeky and is constantly escaping.

We all had cake with a Scooby doo candle. Scooby doo is not for eating. He is a candle stupid!

Sharing had to be encouraged 🙂

It is good being three.

More here…

Friends volume I

November 20, 2007

I dont have anything new to post so here are some pictures of my friends that I like for various reasons.

Anna showing me the money in Kota Kinabalu. I think she must have just won something because this looks like her victory face. This one always makes me smile because it is extremely Anna.

Sharon being low key in Hendriks. Quite chuffed with this one because its not posed, she was just sitting next to me in the pub. Also the strange glitteryness on her eyebrow looks cool.

Another low key one from Hendricks, Tommy looking all film noirish. Except in colour. I like this one for a similar reasons to the previous one, it looks quite posed but it isnt at all, he was just leaning forward to talk to someone.

Eireann and Sharon also looking quite film Noirish at the Edinburgh festival. I think its kind of a story telling image….

Justin in a Cofee shop in Amsterdam. I really like the mixture of clarity and strangeness in this. Must use the Rolleiflex more because the pictures are great when you nail them.

A couple of Gangsters. I always think Tommy looks like he should be saying ‘Ye Boss you tell em’ 🙂

Ewan and Anna doing their 1950s Filmstars

Alex in the ruins of Fat sams. Another one that looks posed but isnt.

Lindsay having a fag in a beautific manner outside Firefly….I like this one partly because of the expression on Lindsays face and partly because of the shadowing going on with the two arms which I think lends a comic touch to it.


November 17, 2007

My niece Zoe demonstrating the use of her mobile phone.

Sunday Afternoon

November 15, 2007

A Sunday afternoon at my parents house. My Dad reading the papers and watching sport. My Mum getting Sunday dinner ready. Usually a couple of kids round the place.

There are certainly worse places to be of a Sunday afternoon.

Passing in the night

November 12, 2007

It didnt occur to me for some reason when I first go my leica m7 but one of the strengths of a rangefinder is that unlike an SLR when you press the shutter button you can still see what you are taking a picture of.

Its not a huge advantage but it does mean that tracking shots like these become a bit easier.  The idea is to have a slowish shutter speed (I think these were about a second each) and follow the object as it moves to keep in the same part of the frame.  This is tricky with an SLR because for the whole second you are blind so you just have to guess.   But with a rangefinder you can just continue to ‘aim’ during the second or so when the shutter is open which makes things a lot easier.

I have tried this type of thing before with my digital slr and the hit rate is not high.  I only tried about 5 of these and they all sort of worked – not perfectly but I sort of like the effect it gives when you dont get them perfect! I must try more sometime…and also try it with people instead of cars.

Lensbaby timeshare?

November 6, 2007

I have borrowed a friends lensbaby a few times and always had a lot of fun with it. They are very tactile to use and if not overused you can get some quite subtle effects from them. The first time I borrowed it I was using it on a digital SLR with a crop factor of 1.6 (an EOS 350D). I didnt get much I liked that time but the next time I put it on an ordinary 35mm SLR and this time it really came alive and made a lot more sense to me.

Since then I have often caught myself thinking that I would really like to borrow one again. The problem is that my friend sold hers on because she didnt use it very much and wanted the money to spend on something that she would use more often. I have almost bought one for myself several times but I have stopped myself because basically for the money its probably not worth it – I think I would only use it every 6 months or so. Maybe I need to find a group of people for a lensbaby timeshare 🙂