Memorable things

I was lucky enough to see two things that really stuck in my head yesterday.

On our way home from work yesterday my friend and I went to look at an abandoned farmhouse I had found a couple of months ago. Its a pretty cool place and I had taken some pics before and told him about it and he wanted a look. When we got inside we heard a flutter of wings and out of the darkness a white owl flew towards us. It did a couple of circuits of the barn before flying out of the broken roof. I only wish I had had the presence of mind to take some pictures. In any case it was a rare treat….

The second was more prosaic – a piece of graffiti scrawled in an underpass. It not earth shattering or anything but it really struck a cord with me.

Expression can proceed understanding

It really struck me because I was just walking back from the pub where I had a discussion with someone about things from my childhood and realised I was saying things that I had never consciously worked out for myself before and the act of expression was crystallizing how I felt about it and how I made sense of it. Edinburgh can have a high class of graffiti…


5 Responses to “Memorable things”

  1. Karla Says:


    You dont need to rewind it. I did it manually.

    All you have to do is shoot the one called ´Clash´. The other one called ‘half fram´ you will have to tape your holga like I did here: (dont forget: you have to tape the left side!)

    Let me know hor you´re doing, ok?


  2. motleycollection Says:

    Ah brilliant! In that case I should be able to shoot both of the rolls by the end of the week and process them at the weekend! I will have to think about what sort of things will work well for the double exposures….quite excited to see what comes out really!

    thanks again for sending the rolls…

  3. Karla Says:


    The first one I did it in a night club with flash. I´m not sure how it ended up.

    The half frame I took some picture of Sao Paulo, during the day. Like ‘city landscapes’… In this particularly one , i think you should do the same, showing me Edinburgh 🙂 What you think?

  4. motleycollection Says:

    Yes I think thats a great idea – I will do some Edinburgh city landscapes, I that should work very well. I will have to think what to put on the double exposure film – I think I might go for texture based things to overlay on your nightclub scenes…otherwise it might look to confused. Should be fun!

    Once I have processed them I will post them all on flickr and here on my blog and I can email you all the scans too so that you have them full rez. I can also make darkroom prints of any that you like and I will post them back to you!

  5. Karla Says:


    Lets see what we have got… I´ll think about the prints later, dont worry about it now.

    Have fun 🙂

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