Come in number 4, your time is up

Some more from my Bronica s2a which seems to have reasserted itself as my favorite camera….what will I do when I run out of the cheap Velvia slide film I bought though???


3 Responses to “Come in number 4, your time is up”

  1. wilsonian Says:

    You really have something with these sets. Again, I loved them singly at Flickr, but they take on another quality when presented together in a block like this. Very, very nice.

  2. Kay Says:

    The rolls are sent!

  3. motleycollection Says:

    thanks wilsonian. I am still mulling oer writing something to generate html for a few styles of layouts for photographs from flickr…one of these days!

    Kay – great, cant wait to get them! Once I have shot my half I will process them and put them here or on flickr. Since they are black and white I can also do darkroom prints of them and if we get any good ones I will do copies for you and send! Fingers crossed we get some good ones…

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