United Colours of Velvia

These are a couple of examples of the super saturated colours that you can get from Velvia slide film. With digital I am am much more likely to desaturate the colours a bit because I think it looks garish otherwise. I have no idea why I feel differently about Velvia but I just do! I think its because the colours just look a bit more organic.

These were all taken on my Yashica Electro GSN down at Cockenzie harbor. Its a lovely wee camera that seems to do much better with colour than black and white for some reason although maybe I have just been unlucky with the 2 b&w rolls I have put through it though because I have seen loads of good black and white stuff done with them on flickr. I have the original 1966 ‘Proffesional’ version…as far as I can tell the only difference between the ordinary GSN and this one is that is is black enamel instead of brushed satin chrome. The lens on it is really great but it is a fairly limited camera in some ways – I wish it would go up further than iso 400 and also that the rangefinder patch was a bit more contrasty.


4 Responses to “United Colours of Velvia”

  1. Kay Says:

    I will start shooting half frame tomorrow!

  2. prestoungrange Says:

    Nice pix but NOT Prestonpans Harbour, Scotland … is it Port Seton or Cockenzie? Near I know but the Pans harbour was Morrison’s Haven and was infilled in the sixties last century!

  3. motleycollection Says:

    Kay – great I am looking forward to getting the films!

    prestongrange – ah I think it must be Cockenzie then! Its the one next to the power station anyway. Thanks very much for the correction, I will update my description.

  4. C. M. Tisdale Says:

    I think you’re right when you say “organic.” Velvia is pretty startling with color rendition (especially when it comes to green, red, blue, and yellow).

    Nice work.


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