Holga playtime

Some more multiple exposure experiments from my holga. I plan on doing a few more of these when I get time, particularly trying to do messy panoramas with shifting perspective by not winding the film on a whole frame and overlapping them. It is a bit tricky to visualise but I think thats what I enjoy about it…

I am also planning to one which is the whole width of a largish size of photo paper and do a contact print.


10 Responses to “Holga playtime”

  1. robotactionboy Says:

    fascinating. these are some of the most interesting panoramic overlaps i’ve seen. i’m going to have to try some of these one of these days…

  2. motleycollection Says:

    thanks, you should they are great fun…just dont expect them to come out exactly as you expect everytime!

  3. sharon Says:

    nice blog!

  4. motleycollection Says:


  5. Stu Egan Says:

    Really like these, especially the overlapping landscapes. Are they first attempts? Amazing if so. I’ve seen some good ones in the past where the camera has either been tilted up or down slightly from one shutter click to the next which can look pretty cool when stitched together.
    (I’ve had mixed results with the Holga myself and have never tried anything this complicated!)

    I like the look of your blog and your photographs look amazing, but I’m at work at the moment and haven’t really got the time to delve into the archive or read too much. I’ve put a link to your blog on mine now though so will be checking back.



  6. motleycollection Says:

    Thanks Stu, very kind of you! To be honest I think there is a certain amount of luck in these because you are sort of guessing most of the time.

    Yeah these are my first go – I shot another couple last night so I am looking forward to seeing what I got. I was also thinking along the lines of trying shifting perspective with these. I think David Hockney has done some amazing stuff along these lines except involving hundreds of different pictures instead of just a few, and printed on a massive scale. I have never seen them in person but they must be amazing printed large.

  7. Stu Egan Says:

    Cheers for dropping by – appreciate that. Just my luck to be slagging off bagpipes and one of my first visits is from a Scotsman!!!

    Just wanted to reply to your comment above – I can guess what you mean when you mention that luck is involved to an extent – I often feel I’ve been lucky, but more so when I’ve used a Holga and maybe one shot in a roll of 12 is okay. But also I’d say luck is not really something I considered when looking at your photos here at all – I see you’re obviously a talented photographer that has had a good, interesting idea and has executed it really well. I guess luck is really something only the photographer themself considers, not the viewer.

    On a slightly different tack…the fact that it’s Holga is relevant for me too…it’s an obvious thing to say but it shows that you can spend countless thousands on equipment if you have the money and the desire to do so, but if you’re creative then it doesn’t matter if you’ve got all that or simply a £20 bit of plastic. The end result will often be impressive whatever you use.

    Anyway – rambling in all sorts of directions, sorry!

  8. Kay Says:

    Are you up to a film swap? 🙂

  9. motleycollection Says:

    Hi Kay, whats a film swap, sounds interesting?

  10. caren80 Says:

    The random element is a big positive IMHO, and from it you get effects you’d not have got if you were mixing everything up in photoshop after shooting (I do anyway!). These are really good.

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