Portrait of a hi-tech Sunbather

This is taken with my Zenza Bronica s2a, a 1960s tank of a medium format camera. Actually calling it a tank it is a bit unfair – it is actually quite a good looking thing, kind of like a traditional American diner with chrome and fins. And most importantly it takes really great pictures. I dont use it all that much though because it is extremely heavy to be walking about with. It makes a very satisfying noise when you release the shutter though…you certainly know you have taken a photograph.

This was taken on a camping trip to Cinnan Ferry on what in retrospect must have been the nicest weekend for weather we have had all summer. Neil is demonstrating the benefits of modern sunbathing technology and is clad in a hi-tech pair of Cambodian shorts which amongst other things have various unimpressive amounts of memory emblazoned upon them. I think I spotted a 2gb but I cannot be certain.


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