Mean Streets

My current favourite camera is probably also my cheapest. Its A Miranda Solo Panoramic costing £1.99 and it rocks!

Its a plastic panoramic camera that works by having a fairly wide angle lens and a mask inside to make the negatives long and thin. Its an extremely limited camera, only one aperture / shutter speed combination and the lens is not very good I dont think. However I am loving the wide format and the pictures that I have gotten from it have a certain look that I really like and I dont really know why! Also I really like the messy black border you get when you print these negatives.

More from my wonderful Miranda Solo here.

This is Colinton village which despite appearances is a very affluent area of Edinburgh.


3 Responses to “Mean Streets”

  1. neath Says:

    I d love to have one of those. I recently looked at some old prints I had from a Kodak “Stretch” disposable pan camera and they are great!

  2. motleycollection Says:

    yeah the dinky negatives they give you are great for creative printing – the next time I get to the darkroom I am planning on printing three vertical pics to a page, sort of in Josef Koudelka style.

  3. neath Says:

    Sounds like a good plan!

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