Happy Mistake

This is from a a roll of Velvia 50 that I shot using my newly purchased Olympus XA.

Because the camera was new to me (and because I am prone to schoolboy errors) I accidentally had the ISO on the camera set to 400. This meant that the film was underexposed by 3 stops. After asking about on a couple of forums I decided to get the lab to push it 2 stops and hope for the best.

Then I went on holiday and the roll got mixed up with some of my holiday shots (schoolboy error number 2) so I didnt know which roll to get them to push. I just handed them all in and to my amazement this one came out great – deep black shadows but the colors still had that trademark Velvia saturation. I think this is the best of the roll but there are more here

The Olympus XA is a fantastic little camera. At first glance it seems like an ordinary little compact point and shoot but on closer inspection it is actually a tiny little aperture priority rangefinder with a shutter you can hardly hear.  Woop!


One Response to “Happy Mistake”

  1. H.O Says:

    Hi David,
    Thanks so much kind comments last time I really impressed and glad to see your work.
    I have XA too and I love that 🙂

    Anyways I want introduce you in my diary your work if you don’t mind…

    Have a nice weekend.

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